WiMAX Rollout in Pakistan

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Developing countries, like Pakistan, have slow-Internet speed (mostly dialup connections) and less number of users covered (as a percent of the overall population). Long-distance WiFi technologies, like Digital Gangetic Plains, are proposed as a solution to rural connectivity. Long-distance WiFi has been used in rural healthcare applications like the famous Aravind Eye Hospital. Read this HotNets 2003 paper for an overview of long-distance WiFi.

However, things may change with the arrival of WiMAX. It has the potential to simply override all previous efforts of 802.11 mesh-networking and long-distance WiFi. WiMAX can be an ideal last-mile solution specially in third world countries, where telephony connectivity is less in numbers and of low-quality. Deploying a WiMAX network in developing countries, like Pakistan, seems like a profitable venture. And now we have our first mover! Recently, Motorola has a press release saying "Pakistan to roll out the largest mobile WiMAX network yet".

Read the complete story from ZDNet here.

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