Tutorial 2: 9:00 - 12:00 (Mon, 29th Jan)

Title: "Reliable Multihop Networking with Bluetooth"

Speaker: Jan Beutel (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)

Abstract: The tutorial consists of an introductory part where we introduce basic concepts of embedded wireless sensor network platforms (mote class devices) as well as a hand-on section. The introduction will give a brief overview of the BTnode platform, it's hardware architecture, the BTnut system software as well as Bluetooth networking. We will then proceed to the practical part where you get to know the development tools and first hands-on experience by downloading a demo application onto a BTnode and connecting to other Bluetooth devices. We will then coach you through the creation of a simple multihop sensor data gathering application based on Bluetooth Scatternets. The tutorial will conclude by demonstrating and experimenting with different methods of profiling and debugging of sensor network applications.

Audience: People interested in learning about "real" sensor network implementations, their challenges and caveats. This tutorial does not require prior experience in embedded programming and thus is suitable for researchers from all areas, e.g. people that have not yet had (extensive) platform experience.

Requirements: Basic computer skills, familiarity with a build system (make). We suggest that participants work in pairs of two but individual work is also possible. Everyone should bring a Windows laptop with root/admin access, if possible. You will be required to install the WinAVR tool package on your laptop. Documentation for self-study is available on

Note: The tutorial is limited to 30 participants.

Online Material: Some of the material from the tutorial is now available online:
  • Tutorial slides (PDF)
  • Tutorial software (ZIP)
  • BTnode programming manual (PDF)
For futher information about the tutorial documentation, see BTnode tutorials.

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