Call for Papers (PDF), (TXT)

Wireless sensor networks (WSN) - networks of tiny, autonomous sensor devices equipped with wireless communication - are a topic of active research in a number of different research communities, ranging from hardware to applications. WSNs are characterized by a need to carefully integrate functionalities traditionally considered to be separate in order to achieve maximum efficiency, especially with respect to energy consumption and management. Hence, a close interaction of research from different backgrounds is required. Additionally, WSNs are evolving from simple data transportation networks to functionally rich distributed systems, also because actuators in the network have to be supported.

The goal of this conference is to create a forum where researchers with different experience and background, from hardware to applications, can discuss cross-layer integration, novel solutions for specific problems and envisage the future development of WSN functionalities.

We seek technical papers describing original, previously unpublished research results. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • Hardware for WSN: transceiver concepts, wakeup radio, antenna design, system integration, process and cost of manufacturing, battery technology, energy scavenging, miniaturization
  • Communication protocols: MAC and link layer issues, routing and transport protocols tailored for WSN, redundancy, data aggregation, mobility support, gateways to fixed Internet
  • Operating systems and programming abstractions: novel concepts and tools for programming and debugging sensor nodes, high-level programming abstractions
  • Middleware and service infrastructures: (dynamic) configuration and installation support, lookup of available functionalities, group communication, QoS support, localization and synchronization services, integrating WSN in existing middleware architectures
  • Information processing: storage, querying, coding, compression, fusion, aggregation, cooperative algorithms, event detection, classification, tracking
  • Security: primitives for appropriate cryptographic protocols, secure system engineering
  • Novel applications: requirements, experiences with real-world applications, the role of WSN technology in realizing the visions of Ubiquitous Computing and Ambient Intelligence
  • Prototypes, field studies, and testbeds: novel sensor node prototypes, measurements within sensor network testbeds, debugging and testing
  • Models: energy and resource consumption, applications, mobility, and communication
For further information, please contact the program co-chairs.

The poster session will provide a forum for researchers to showcase their work and obtain feedback on ongoing research from knowledgeable conference attendees. A poster presentation can also be accompanied by a demonstration to illustrate an application, technology, or platform.