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item Camera Ready Instructions

The paper format must be the same as SIGCOMM'07 as described at:

You can find templates for word and latex at that site.

NOTE: However that the actual submission process is different than that described, namely:
  • The due date for the NSDR'07 camera ready is June 13, 2007.
  • The camera-ready must be submitted in PDF.
  • The page limit is 6 pages.
  • The camera-ready must be uploaded via EDAS.
  • The name of your camera ready file is irrelevant (EDAS will overwrite it).
For copyright information of the camera-ready:
  • the value 978-1-59593-787-2 should be used instead of 978-1-59593-713-1
  • the event name should be NSDR'07 and NOT SIGCOMM'07
  • event date should be August 27 and not August 27-31
In other words, for NSDR the following copyright info should be used:

\conferenceinfo{NSDR'07,} {August 27, 2007, Kyoto, Japan.}

Copyright Form: The author copyright form is available as html or PDF, and must be emailed to Bill Hogan at [email protected] by June 10, 2007. In the copyright form use "ACM SIGCOMM Workshop on Networked Systems for Developing Regions (NSDR), Kyoto, Japan, August 2007" as the 'Publication or Conference Name and Date'.

Source Files: The document source (latex or word) must be emailed to Bill Hogan at [email protected] after submitting the camera-ready version.

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