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Final submissions should be sent via email to:
Submission deadline is October 4, 2009. Final submissions should include both an Acrobat PDF file and the original source following the ACM Proceedings format. If you do not use an official ACM Proceedings template, please do adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Use a two-column, U.S. letter-size (8.5" x 11") document format.
  • No headers, footers, or page numbers.
  • Submitted papers must be no longer than six (6) pages.
  • The page limit includes everything: references, title page, figures, appendices, etc.
  • Use a 0.75-inch margin everywhere.
  • For the basic text content, use a 9-point font size.
  • All fonts must be Type 1 or 3 PostScript fonts from the Latin 1 Fontset.
  • Do not use TrueType, bitmapped, or Ryumin fonts.
  • No superfluous white-space.
  • Use appropriately sized images (clearly legible, and no larger than necessary).
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