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Teleputer is a computing platform specifically aimed at developing regions. Teleputer is essentially a cell-phone, enhanced with a sensor/actuator interfaces (like Berkeley Motes). It has an icon-based visual programming environment (for the Google Android API) to automate the tasks of rural and semi-urban population in the developing-world. Teleputer's goal is to enable zero-configuration interaction for everyday rural applications. Users can drag, drop and connect icons representing different sensors and actuators to generate simple scripts.  We are exploring sensors for conducting skin tests for diagnosis of TB, as well as immuno-sensors for diagnosis of viral diseases.

Application Example:
For instance, Teleputer enables applications in which a farmer can simply connect a salinity-monitoring sensor to his cell-phone and insert the sensor in the soil, causing the Teleputer to send the sensor data to a server-cluster in the city over the cellular connection. The servers in the city can compute the salinity level and send the result back to the Teleputer, which is conveyed to the farmer using native speech synthesis -- all with zero configuration and no textual interaction. Teleputer.jpg

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